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cheap scary miss mary top!


just thought i would share with you my lovely new purchase (ok so maybe my girlfriend paid for it for me but it's still mine :)).

We were shopping in afflecks, manchester the other day and then had a sale on, loads of stuff was half price or less, and then it was also "buy two sale items get cheapest half price". So she bought a ruby gloom top for £10 and i got a very sexy scary miss mary vest for the bargain price of £3.75! it is grey with black caps on the shoulders and little hammers, knives, chainsaws, and scary miss mary's face dotted over the lower left side in red felt. AND it makes my boobies look huge when they really barely fill a B cup. I will provide a picture soon!

(forgive me if this isn't the kind of discussion that you wanted here!)
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Tops that make boobies look big are great! I have started wearing babydoll T's (which I thought I couldnt get away with with being a 22/24) which look great over my boobs!!
i have discovered that too! i used to hide under big baggy band T shirts but have developed a little more confidence in the past year or so - babydoll t's (or skinny t's as i call them?) are the way to go.

Whilst i do still live in jeans and T shirts at least I have learnt to buy ones that are a bit flattering!
Yeah, stuff what ppl think wear what you feel great and sexy in
btw added you to my flist if thats ok
no worries, i was pondering the same thing but didn't want to appear rude or anything. Now you get to read the insane ramblings of my life!

I do like jeans with t shirts (occassionally tops) though, my girlfriend likes me in a skirt but i never feel right dressed like that.
i'm a mad one dont worry... i wear hotpants a lot when i go out these days, with fishnets and i have a beautiful spiderweb mesh short dress which i wear over it with my pvc bra... thats my current love at themoment
ahh that sounds dead nice, i'd love to be able to go out dressed like that! I sometimes dress up in the privacy of my own room, maybe one day i will venture out like that :)
I dunno, I just got confidence lately, this last yr hsnt been the best but my guys have been supportive as fuck.. its great to have ppl who care ...
indeed :).

I am (possibly) about to venture out "on my own", so to speak, for the first time every since moving ooop north - confidence shall come one day!
cool, yeah it will....its not impossible...i found that out!!
Hell no EXACTLY the discussion we want here :)... My best buy is still my Omen skirt at a 5er from grin in afflecks!
now THAT is a bargain, omen stuff is always so expensive, well done!
and she looks bloody hot in it too