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Bipolygothgirl chitchat...

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1/30/06 03:54 pm - gothicat



12/17/05 11:32 am - folkyfaery - God I'm slack...

I haven't been in here for ages! And it's my com! How awful is that? Anyway I haven't been on LJ for ages... :)

7/28/05 05:44 pm - gothicat


Female in the West Yorkshire area. Must be sexy, cute, have long hair (blonde, red, black/dark, imaginative), nice breasts, tight arse, above 5ft4, size 10-18, age 18-28. Likes going out, drinking, films, snuggling, sex, cuddly toys, socialising.

Can cope with a fat (24/26) boring ugly catigrl wannabe... apply within.

7/23/05 08:31 pm - numbpill - an idea!

Sorry, me again... ello

just checking out the actual page for this (rather than reading it on my "friends page") and wondered if the little mood icons that i use on my page would be more appropriate than the little smilies?

slap me if you disagree :)

7/23/05 08:25 pm - numbpill - cheap scary miss mary top!


just thought i would share with you my lovely new purchase (ok so maybe my girlfriend paid for it for me but it's still mine :)).

We were shopping in afflecks, manchester the other day and then had a sale on, loads of stuff was half price or less, and then it was also "buy two sale items get cheapest half price". So she bought a ruby gloom top for £10 and i got a very sexy scary miss mary vest for the bargain price of £3.75! it is grey with black caps on the shoulders and little hammers, knives, chainsaws, and scary miss mary's face dotted over the lower left side in red felt. AND it makes my boobies look huge when they really barely fill a B cup. I will provide a picture soon!

(forgive me if this isn't the kind of discussion that you wanted here!)

7/18/05 05:09 pm - gothicat

I'd like to sneek in to advertise bppgshop the bi poly pagan geek shop - also for goths!

7/18/05 04:48 pm - folkyfaery

Hands up who likes our new background and layout??? If you haven't seen it please look... I like it lots but hey that's just me :) (I'm biased)

7/18/05 08:14 am - folkyfaery - Hello to new people :)

Hay hay people... welcome to this new little comm... it's just getting started... I was just fed up with the ridiculous amount of goth-rating comms which seem to be on livejournal... I just wanna hang somewhere friendly... :)

7/14/05 07:55 pm - gothicat - First Post

And a hello from a very bi, poly, goth girl!!

Love to all the girls that join!
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